Monday, May 9, 2011

California - A Picture Story

Liz had a trip to SanFran. so we figured we better take a tour. 
Too short to head to Yosemite, we figured up
the coast to Muir beach to take a swim.  I had never been in the Pacific ocean. 
On to Mickey's Beach for some sport climbing.
From there we headed to Santa Rosa in Sonoma wine country, and climbing at
Mount St. Helena, overlooking the Napa Valley.  I think it might be the highest point in the valley.
Sometimes pictures tell a better story!

                                                       So here is a picture tour of our trip. 

View from our hotel.

Dinner with our friend Evvy.
China Town in the heart of SanFran
Sea Gull -vs- Sea Lion
Pay for parking here.

Mickey's Beach

Mount St. Helena, in the heart of wine country, the beer there is good too...

Taking the windy way back to the airport.

Flying over a snowy Long's Peak!


  1. Makes me homesick. Looks like an awesome trip and the weather was perfect. You have to remember, never San Fran, always San Francisco or just "the city":)

  2. Nice photos dude! is the Longs Photo from Sunday on your way home? Me and Maurer are down there somewhere... actually we were in the ptarmigan cirque