Monday, December 12, 2011

Vail Ice = FUN

With perfect temperatures, and no wind, it was a beautiful weekend in Vail !
The annual holiday party was a blast.  Thank you Malmgren family!
Liz sending Spiral Staircase (WI4)

We had much fun hanging out with many friends, and it was nice to see the
folks that live far away. . . It's always too long between sightings.

The ice in Vail was quite nice.  Almost everything is formed up well, except  the
amphitheater needs a bit more time for climbs like Fat Man & Robin, The Thang, The Fang.
(Although these things are being lead, they could use more ice on them.)

Here is another one of my picture stories to show what we were up to this weekend.

Enjoy!  (Thank you Andrea for bringing a camera, and actually getting it out to take photos!)

I am warming up on Slab Butt (WI4) with Andrea on belay.

Me sending the ultra classic Secret Probation (M5? WI5) with Liz on belay.

Vail Ice = FUN!

Liz cruising the start.

Nice work babe!

Lil Andy getting his pump on.

Andrea having a good first day at Vail ice.

Liz starting up Spiral Staircase (WI4) with Lil Andy on belay.
Crushing it in good style!

                                                 The next day we went to the Firehouse area. 

Zowie is tired paws!  Rest up lil buddy.
Fire House ice is nice!  (This is the right side area.)

Me punching up the steep side.  (If you get scared, just bail right.)

Here I am on some cool mixed line.  The face above has a few bolts.  Super fun!

Victoria Mata-Malmgren in usual good form on the ice.

My friend Stefan the mixed master.

HardCor & Black Nasty chill between sends. . .


  1. Awesome job everyone! I've never been there, I'd love to check it out!