Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The art of Burr

My shot of Burr.
During the AAC International Climbers Meet in Yosemite Valley California I was able to meet many folk.

One of the nice fellas I met out there was Andrew Burr.  A very well known photographer in the
climbing/mountain world!  During one day Skiy, Andrew, and me went over to the Killer Pillar.
Mr. Burr wanted to shoot some photos of a famous (It has been photographed many times...) route called
Fun Terminal 5.12a   The route is absolutely beautiful!  Everything about it, the exposure, rock texture, etc.
all just great.  One of those routes you may walk up to, and regardless of the grade just be like... What's that, I wanna climb it!  Here is a sequence of shots he got of me on this "I wanna climb it" route.

Thanks Andrew!


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