Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Colorado from the air!

Our good friend Ralph Tingy just had his 70th birthday celebration out in Indian Creek, Utah.

To join the fun we flew to the party with our friend George Lowe.  It only takes about 1hour
30min to go from Boulder area to Monticello, Utah. (Indian Creek)
Along the way out, and back I captured some video footage of our beautiful state from the air.

The flight out was in some weather, and on the way back was clear skies.  It is always bumpy
in a small airplane, so I apologize for the choppy/bumpy nature. . .

In this short video you will find no climbing!  What you will find is some cool fly by footage of
Grays/Toreys peaks, and the Maroon Bells, which are some of Colorado's 14er peaks.
I was also able to get some good fly over footage of Gothic Mountain outside of Crested Butte, and the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.

The video is put to a rap music song.  If you don't like rap, just hit the mute button...

The music is by a good friend SolidSavage (Rated ill) by illfulent.
He is an up and coming artist, and I like to get the word out about his rhymes!

Oh yeah, and I made the start of the video to look like I am $ rich $ heading from my car to my plane.
This is hardly the case. . .  I wish. . .

I am rich in experiences of this life, but not so much when it comes to the wealth.    :D

Enjoy the views!


EDIT:  My friend SolidSavage wanted me to mix the video to one of the new songs...
            So here it is with Colorado Anthem, from illfulent.

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