Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A visual journey to the city of Prague & climbing in the German Elbsandsteingebirge! - Part: 1

Recently Liz & I took a journey to the beautiful city of Prague in the Czech Republic.

Then from there we headed 150km north to the infamous German climbing area called

You know the place, no metal gear for protection, no chalk on
the hands, and no climbing of walls/massifs.  Summits only!

If you don't have a love for adventure
then I would not recommend climbing here.

During our visit to Prague  (That is the English spelling)    -    Prag, Praga, Praag, Praha
we had a great time exploring the city.  The architecture is amazing here.
One of the few cites not destroyed in World War 2, it is filled with so many old buildings
that just blow the mind.  How come America is so bland!  This could be the most
beautiful city in the world...

Between all the historical places, and pubs to visit...  It seems like it would take a month to
really appreciate, and remember all the great things!

In part 1 of these two posts we will visit the city.  Part 2 will cover the climbing.  So here we go!

Big City!  Our hotel is off in the distance by the twin church towers.

@ the Charles Bridge area.

Charles Bridge from a distance.  Castle & Cathedral up on the hill.

Guarding the Castle.

One of the many walkways & arches in the Castle / Cathedral area.

Everything has fine detail, from doors

to ceilings

to windows

to rooftops & gutters (which are hidden in the flying buttresses)


Painted details

Gargoyles drain the hidden gutters! (puking rain)

The Palace Loreta  (Structure, and the fabled bearded lady)
This was for the pilgrims to visit.

More elaborate details.  

In and around the Loreta.


Chapel inside.  

Jewels (Diamonds)

Jewels.  (Pearls)

Free Pretzels, and beer that is cheaper than bottled water!  Drink up!

I have not seen this on Pearl Street yet. . .

But when I do see it on Pearl Street, we will top it like this!

Evening light from the Charles Bridge!

Praha & the Vltava River.

Wenceslas Square Site of the Velvet Revolution demonstrations .

I hope you enjoyed this photo journey.  I had so many photos
to choose from.  Where do I stop...

Cheers, Cor

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