Friday, August 15, 2014

Wayne Crill Recovery & Help

Ok everyone!

Here is a link to a donations page, as well as any major improvements that Wayne makes.

A recent MRI has shown that he has no brain stem damage.  This is a huge relief!
It does not mean that Wayne is "outta the woods" yet.  He still remains sleeping at this point.
He does move around a bunch, so that is good.  He is still in need of us sending him lots
of positive vibes!

Thanks for all the love,

Hi everyone.
We want everyone to know that web pages for donations to Tess and Wayne have been lovingly set up by Tess' siblings Steve and Kathleen and Lauren DiScipio. Now is the time for this to go out.

Kathleen and Steve set up a bank account for Tess. Donations to their web page will go directly to that account.

We hope to eventually use Lauren's page to give brief updates to people who are not in the inner circle but want to know about important milestones and progress. Here is the link to Lauren's page: Wayne Crill Recovery 

Steve and Kathleen's page has been available to family members since yesterday afternoon. Tess is already using the money. It is linked from Lauren's page, and you can go to it directly here: 
Please visit Friends and Family of Wayne Crill
Wayne Crill's friends and family are raising money to help support his recovery. Please help with your support! On August 9, Wayne had a serious climbing accident i...
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PLEASE SHARE,  and also please keep sending the healing energy. There may not be a health status update for a few days. Wayne and Tess both need to sleep.

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