Monday, December 29, 2014

Red Rocks, Nevada 11/2014

Trying to catch up on some postings so this one will be short, but here ya go!

Early November we took a short trip to Vegas to visit with family, and climb out at Red Rocks.
The climbing is so varied there, and each trip we focus on different types.  Some trips are sport, some are trad.  On this trip we focused on some multi pitch routes we have had on our list for some time.

Day1.  We figure out the approach to the Cloud Tower area, and head for the ultra classic Crimson Chrysalis.  Upon arriving at the base, on a Thursday, we figure only a party or two.  NOT!
Six people on the wall, with six more waiting at the base!  Hmm, what to do, we only brought a topo for this one route.  But wait, the topo shows a 4pitch 5.10 R that meets up with our intended route midway up.

Our original plan was to simul-climb the entire route, but with so many people on the wall it would still be a pain in the ass to pass all them.  And it would be rude (I think) to do that to them…

So we start up the 10R, pitching it out, and pass all but two parties when we reach the CC climb midway.  Sweet, one party above us is already at the top, and starting to rap.  The other party is very kind, and has no problem with us bopping by.  Simul-climbing begins, and in no time we sit on the top!

Day2.  Now that we know the approach, we head back to the same spot to climb the much harder, but ultra classic Cloud Tower 5.11+/12- awesomeness.    What a great route, and great beat down!  This is just what we were looking for, a beat down.  Good to be out trying hard.  I have to say I did not send the crux pitches clean though.  That would have been an awesome onsite, but that does not matter!
The climbing, every pitch was just so fabulous!  Great route that I would go back to do without hanging on gear to rest.  Damn endurance, ya let me down!  Does turning 40 always do this???

Day3 of climbing we simul-climb the intra classic Lotta Balls 5.9 in the First Creek area.
Always nice to see the burros out there!  The little (lotta) balls pinching pitch was an awesome Red Rocks fantasy rock area.  Super cool, and now I know why it is such a classic!

Day4 of climbing we head to the Black Velvet Canyon for the ultra classic Triassic Sands 5.10

If you have climbed at Red Rocks, and have not done these, be sure to put them on the list!
Here is a few random photos from the trip…  Enjoy!

Go climb a rock!

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