Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Slide Show @ Neptune Mountaineering - Thanks to everyone!

Just wanted to say THANKS to everyone who showed up at Neptune's on Thursday!
Thanks also to Gary, for giving us the space at his mountain shop,
and David Light for helping us get setup before the show.

We had a great turn out, maybe 100 folks, although I didn't really count. . .
That is what a few people seemed to think the count was near.  The room was full!
Amazing what a few goof-offs like us can do.  I guess we are ok at making people laugh.
I could hear the crowd (mostly friends - new & old) cracking up at our short video clips,
far out pictures, and silly speak.  It is a good thing everyone had plenty of time to get
a few beers in 'em. . . . .

 Tonight is an interview on AM Radio 1190(KVCU)  with Mike Brooks program, Climb Talk. (9pm)


Thursday, April 14 at 8 p.m.
A Patagonia Mountain Holiday

Three Colorado climbers go for a shake-down cruise on Guillaumet, then try their luck on Fitzroy. See what happens when Cor Fleagle, Jim Turner, and Thom Engelbach throw caution to the winds.

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  1. Nice blog Cor, I knew y'all would throw a good show at Neptune, sad I missed it
    -Utah Powder Prince