Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pennsylvania or France ?!

Liz and me were back in Pennsylvania visiting family and friends.
What a great time, it didn't rain everyday. . .
We went with a few close friends to a lovely bouldering area called Governor Stables.
It is only 20min. from where I grew up, and only 5min. from Three Mile Island. (nuclear meltdown 1979)  The boulders are not glowing, but they sure are sweet!  This place looks, and climbs just like Fontainebleau France. (and yes, I have actually climbed at Font.)  The rock type is Diabase, unlike Font's sandstone. 
Boulders here tend to be highballs with excellent landings in this  forested area.  It is a paradise with a small stream running through all year. Leeks grow out of the ground, just waiting to be eaten up.  Deer run wild, vultures soar in the sky.  Here is a few pictures to show what a little gem this place is. . .

My nephew Dan sending! 
Randy "The Force"

 All because of the hard work of Randy (and others) this bouldering area is now open, with a membership.
 The area had been closed for years, and is on the way to hopefully being fully open to everyone.  If we are lucky, it will become a park, which everyone can enjoy for free.  There is lots of history here, with first ascents done years ago by Hugh Herr, and many other awesome climbers!  For more information about Governor  Stables click on the link below:

On April 9th there will be a competition!  "The Meltdown"  I heard the last one was a blast with well over 100 people out there having fun!  Wish I could be there to see some competitors trying hard on a few of my boulder problems. . .

Liz Donley cruching @ The Stables.
Lauren - 2nd day of climbing ever!  She did awesome!

Decaf on the Bread Loaf arete.

Phil Gold working through the tricky foot / hand placements.

Phil topping out!
This Bread Loaf boulder hosts so many classics!  This arete is so technical.  I think there is only one proper way to do it, without making it ridiculously hard.  You are way off the ground at that point, a pad and spotter are pretty nice to have below you. . .
Decaf on The Pyramid.

Liz on The Pyramid.
  It is not too hard, but it sure high enough!  Don't blow it, or you will be sliding down the face. . .  I think this may be Liz's favorite boulder problem at The Stables.  I love it too, and yes, it is as cool as it looks!
More Fun in the forest.

What Three Mile Island did to this kitty back in 1979!  He never looked the same since. . .
 Oh how nice it would be if The Stables were here in my Boulder Colorado backyard.  This area, to me, is way more fun than any bouldering area right around here.  It gives me one more reason to make sure I have my shoes, and chalk bag packed when I head home.  If you are in the area, even a few hours away. . .  Pick up a day pass, and go have some fun!

Cheers, Cor

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  1. Nice! That area looks really cool...High-ball routes with good landings, hard to find in these parts..