Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Back in Black

Over the holiday weekend, Liz and me headed down to the Black Canyon of The Gunnison.

It had been a few years since being there, and was nice to get back down into the depths of
this magical place.  My 1st climb in the black was The Cruse 5.10+ V back in 1998 with
Steve Su.  Not to be mistaken with the Scenic Cruse this one has the notorious off-width crack! 
So much fun!!  Liz had never been on this gem, but always wanted to. . .
Now she knows what the 12 to 14 pitches are all about.  Good stone,  good climbing, good views!

We had a good time hanging out with  many friends during our stay. . .
Max from Germany.
Thom Engelbach and Jim Turner - My Patagonia spooning partners.
Eric Malmgren (3M / Mad Man Malmgren) and Wayne Crill.
 Stu Richie, and Wyatt ?
Steve Su (who was on the Scenic Cruse when we were on The Cruse) and Doug Chabot.
(Congrats to Steve, Doug, and Bruce Miller for winning a spot in the 2011 Mugs Stump Grant!!)

Leaving Crawford, headed for the big ditch!

The big black ditch.

Liz enjoying a fine corner.
Starting up the OW fun!

The fun traverse up high.

Liz leading the way.

Steve Su.  Us being there together was like Deja Su!

Doug high above the river.

Liz nearing the top.

Looking across the canyon at Stu Richie on Ghost Dancer Arete.

Jim Turner chillaxing on the beach (under the Hooker Buttress.)

Max & Thom about to top out from Stoned Oven!

Thom was pleased to find the treasure I had stashed below the rim for them!

I am so ready to go back for more adventure!

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