Wednesday, June 8, 2011

BigBro Party @ Vedauwoo

It was time to remember the safest climber, and the inventor of The BigBro   -  Craig Luebben.
We all had a great time out there, but have to admit that I did get sad a few times thinking about
things, or listening to Giulia (Craig's daughter) talk about how her dad invented BigBros.
Craig wrote the book on safety, and no matter how safe one is, you can just happen to be in the
wrong place at the wrong time.  It could be anything from lightning, driver running a red light,
to rock & ice.  Remember to be safe, but have fun!

                                              BIG BRO                                    You Da Man!
Silvia Luebben & Liz Donley having fun at the Nautilus.

Joseffa Meir heading up Baalbek at the Nautilus.

Zowie keeping guard!

Liz & Giulia all smiles!

Silvia showing how it is done on Max Factor 5.11c

Baby Chiwi enjoying the sunshine.

Carol Kotchek - Put some gear in will ya!

Giulia & Chiwi taking a rest between climbs.

Liz heading up the wide - notice the perfect BigBro placement!

Thom Engelbach on Yellow Belly 10c out at Blair.

Me taking care of the all the dogs.
 The funny thing was the sunlight being reflected from my ..... to Chiwi's head!

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