Monday, July 11, 2011

Vewauwoo, Tacowoo, Burning Mon(t), and FA's

Vedauwoo Wyoming for the 4th of July holiday weekend.  We had the annual Tacowoo potluck dinner, which morphed into a surprise burpday party for our friend Sally.  The theme was Burning Man since she loves attending that event.  Of course with Faber there, it quickly morphed again into Burning Mont.  Our poor friend Lamont was not even there.  He was busy out sending big stuff in the Needles of California.   I guess he was still with us in spirit, Faber got a printout of his face to install on our 9ft tall Burning Man! (courtesy of Mission)

Other joys of the weekend were all our friends that showed up, including the mosquitoes that gave us all a bunch of love bites.  My ankles were wrecked after the weekend, and not from the offwidth cracks of the Woo. . .
I think others had the same itchy spots where veins are easy to tap.  Mosquitoes  must love climbers with all their veins popping out.  Lucky for us they were not us at the rocks.  It gave us a nice relaxing break during the days.

We also got lucky to have found two (probable) first ascents on the John's Tower in Upper Blair.
Even armed with the latest 2011 guidebook (The Voo), nothing was  listed. . Why hasn't anyone done these!They are nothing too hard, but very fun lines!  One is a 5.7 called Taco Filling, and the other is a 5.10 called Burning Mon.

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