Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Well I am more of a photographer, than a writer.  So I will usually post more photos, less text..
Photos tell the best story anyway!  I hope you enjoy these, they are from the Flatirons.
Some friends and me have been heading out once per week to get our aerobic exercise
on the slabs.  We were all breathing hard, moving along pretty fast, but remembering to stop
and enjoy things, like a beer on a beautiful summit!  On this day we summited the 2nd Flatiron,
the Flatironette, the Spy, the ridge on the 1st Flatiron, and the Sunset Flatironette in just over
three hours car to car.  This should get us ready for the Fabulous Five (1-5)
when the bird closures are lifted this fall.
I can't wait to go do that adventure again, hopefully more people join us this year!

The Spy (next to the 1st Flatiron)

Wayne exiting the Spy.

Ridge on the 1st.

Wayne's World

Party Time.

Lil Andy making way to our final summit of the day.

Carol Kotchek on the Sunset Flatironette.

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