Saturday, July 7, 2012

For the love of Long's (Peak)

For the love of Long's... I have spent four days over the last two weeks on this fine mountain.

It has been good weather, La Nina in full effect with little to no precip. 
(Although it may be over as we shift in to an El Nino pattern.)

I love having Rocky Mountain National Park only one hour from home.  This year I have had
my focus on Long's Peak.  It is such a different feel at Long's compared to the rest of the park.
My thought is that it is a much better training ground for bigger and better peaks in remote places.

So here I go again adding to my list of Long's Peak routes. 

Did I mention that I love this mountain??

 (My list since 1998)

Casual Route x3
Pervertical Sanctuary x2
Forrest Finish
D7 to Black Dagger
Ariana (aid) to Pervertical


Stettners Ledges
Lambs Slide x?

Notch Coulior
8th Route
Alexander's Chimney
Smear of Fear (attempt - bail - too thin)
Yellow wall to Black Dagger (attempt - bail before dagger)

(This Year)
D7 to Soma (attempt - bail near top)
Red Wall
Curving Vine to Hidden Diamond
Lambs Slide to Zumies Thumb
CMS took this picture of us on D7.  Thanks!

Thank you partners for being motivated enough to slog up the big hill with me!! 
Liz on D7.

Me on D7.

Liz 3rd classing out to the start of the Red Wall on Chasm View Wall

Pitch 1

Me up high.
Lil'Andy on Curving Vine.

A fun pitch.

Sun, for now...

Super fun!

No sun... Thunder...
Evening light over Chasm Lake & Mt. Meeker.

Liz enjoying hard cider & a Zumies Thumb view.

I like a Deviant Dales...

Evening light on Lambs Slide.

Sunrise at Lambs Slide.

Liz approaching Zumies Thumb.

Pitch 1.

I am having no fun at all.

Final pitch to summit!

Liz & Zumies.


  1. These photos really are hardcor! Really enjoyed looking at them; thanks for sharing!

  2. What was the condition of Lambs Slide?

  3. when we were there (before all this heavy rain storms...) lambs slide was

    mostly a snow climb. we used aluminum crampons. the old ice was getting

    exposed (which you may see in the picture, click and zoom in.) in many spots.

    during our descent down in the afternoon, it was very slushy/wet and starting

    to shear/shed off of the old ice layer that is underneath.

    by now (after the rains) i would suspect it to be in much harder conditions.

    it may be wise to use steel crampons and tool now...

    hope that helps!



  4. Cor,
    thanks, am planning a trip to Meeker Saturday via Lambs Slide and the Loft.