Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A video posting.

Chris Miller Photography.

In this post is two short videos.  The first one is from this past winter/spring time.  It was a failed attempt on a
remote north face here in Colorado with my good friend Thom Engelbach.  You can't have them all... 
We came home alive after setting off a few avalanches.  Me almost taking the ride over a cliff band.  Shattered rock, powder coated in snow, with no good protection, and many more variables that make climbing in the mountains fun!

The video is mostly funny, with no real climbing footage... So don't get too excited!

Many thanks to our good friend Chris Miller from Crested Butte who joined us on this adventure for some photo/video opportunities.  I think he had fun doing some solo ski missions!

Thank you!

Last but not least, a big thanks to our help from Stephen Berwanger of Summit Sealants Inc. and
Black Diamond Equipment.  Stephen supplied us with some grant money to help fuel our failed adventure.  Every year he offers up The Winter Adventure Grant for objectives in the United States.
Black Diamond gave us a break on some equipment for this adventure also.  Here we test out our new tent.

We tried hard, but it was just not the right time for us to fully attempt the objective.
 But as my partner Alto Thomas Engelbach says "You generally start dicing long before
something bad happens!"     We saw this trend, and retreated...

The slope below us, between the two cliff bands (bottom center) has already avalanched! What a great start...


Jason after the crux on Alexander's Chimney, Long's Peak.

The second video is produced by my good friend Jason Maurer.  This fall (11/1/12) we headed up to Long's Peak for some icy fun.  It had been many years since I climbed Alexander's Chimney, and Jason had never climbed it!  It was a lovely day, with a beautiful sunrise, no wind (imagine that!) and no one around while we ascended this gem of a route.  We each had a camera that does video, and Jason also had a GoPro helmet cam.  Enjoy the short video he cobbled together with all our footage!

(Click on links below to watch videos.  They load/play faster from Vimeo & YouTube, than the blog..)

Failed Attempt!

Alexander's Chimney


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