Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas 2012 - A Ski Yurt Trip Video

Every season sometime around Christmas we head north to Cameron Pass, Colorado.
This area west of Fort Collins seems to hold some good early season snow every year.

This season did not provide us with the best of what we had hoped for, but it was still a blast!
It is not the snow, or the terrain that makes the trip...  It is the group of close friends you get
to share the whole experience with.  That being said, we all had a blast.  We got a few good turns, even
though the snow pack was scary.  The snow consisted of rotten sugar on the bottom, a veil of ice, and then
two feet of unsettled storm snow on top.  We had many whump settlements, some so big they shook the
full grown pines around us.  These little bits of information was all we needed to know to stay off the steeps!

We ate some awesome food.  One evening was on the grill outside of the yurt.  Lil'Andy cooked up some mad whole foods steaks for us.   Liz cooked up some awesome lamb stew and risotto.  To top it all off we had an excellent dessert of British Christmas Pudding, which we were taught how to make from our British friend Naomi Guy.  Breakfasts were super fueling burritos one morning that Carol cooked up.  Ted was serving bagels with cream cheese, lox, and capers!
We don't skimp on food or booze for these overnight ski trips, especially when pulling a sled...

Here is a short video that Jason put together.  We combined all our pictures, and footage for this.

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