Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Feast of pictures! 3 Days of Thanksgiving Snow Sliding

Thanksgiving 2013  A feast of photos.

Location:  Red Mountain Pass,  ColoRado

Weather: Sunny

Wind: N/A

A perfect trip, with awesome weather, mountains, friends.  All until I crashed hard on day 3.
One knee gets a slice (through all my layers!)  The other knee gets strained on the inside.
And the GoPro with three days of footage for a new ski video gets lost in the snow!
I think I even dented the front of my helmet when I slammed down.  Glad I had that on, otherwise
my glasses probably would have been smashed into the bridge of my nose.  That would hurt.
I might not be making videos for a bit…  Oh well, at least I was able to continue skiing down!
It was still an awesome trip none the less.

Happy Thanksgiving!  A feast for your eyes, enjoy.



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