Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2014 Post #1 - A Photo Explosion

2013 was a fun year!  Many adventures with great folks!  2014 is shaping up to be pretty
sweet as well…

Zowie photobombs Thom Engelbach on the Designator, Vail CO.

So here we go with the first post of the year.  Caution!  I am about to photo bomb this blog
with some fun porn!  That's right porn…  You know the deal!  It's all about you enjoying the
fun that we had by looking at us goofballs in photos.

Most take self shots with their iPhone in the bathroom  mirror…
 I am not really that type of person, so I keep mine outdoors!

Seriously though, here is some nice photos from our latest outings.  I took some of these photos,
but most were taken by Liz this round.  We are using the Sony NEX6 camera with a 16 − 50
wide angle lens.  I have been really digging this mirror-less DSLR type camera!

Liz running a lap on the Fang, Vail CO.


I had waited many years to be able to lead the Fang, Vail CO

And the time had come!

I have not seen this thing formed up nice in over 10 years.
It has been in or formed in the past, but not this good!

120feet of freestanding ice goodness!

Dave Roetzel working on his project in the Amphitheater, Vail CO

Red Beard M11+

Victoria Mata-Malmgren living the dream!

Good job on stepping up to lead the Designator, Vail CO

Manning training for the Super Bowl on 7th Tentacle

Thom Engelbach also stepping up to the plate on the Designator, Vail CO

Good job team!

Playing around on a thin start…  Firehouse right area, Vail CO

Liz striking the ice at the Firehouse, Vail CO

Our awesome friend Forest Altherr stepping up to the plate for his first ice lead!

He has probably only done a dozen ice pitches ever...

And is already looking solid on the lead!  
Good job team!


  1. Great pics! Thanks for a great, as usual, time spent!

  2. I think the Mexican food and Dos Equis were extra satisfying after all our work at the Firehouse.