Monday, March 31, 2014

Getting Jacked @ The Jackal Hut - Another Ski Hut Trip Adventure!

Each season we try to get a couple ski hut trips done in our wonderful state of Colorado.

In our state we have 50+ 14,000ft. peaks, and about 50 different huts/yurts to stay at.
With hundreds, and hundreds of 12,000 and 13,000ft peaks it is like a gigantic playground!

During this last trip we had visited the Jackal Hut outside of Vail Colorado area.
This area was used in the 1940s by the 10th Mountain Division, and the hut was built about 15 years ago by a generous donation from Jack Schuss, and Al Zesiger.
Now you know where that name came from for the hut!

I was able to capture a few good photos on this trip, but I mostly focused on gathering a bunch of video clips.  My good friend Jason also brought a video camera with us.  Between the two of us shooting footage, I think we got some really good stuff!  I hope you enjoy the video at the end of the post.

The latest video installment:                Getting Jacked @ The Jackal.
.                                                     A feast of some fine skiing & wipeouts!
.                                             The music once again in my video is from a friend's nephew!
.                                                  Solid Savage - Check'em out on FaceBook or YouTube.


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