Thursday, May 8, 2014

Rocky Mountain Spring

          It has been some time now since the last blog posting.                   Time to update some things!

Since the last post about the Jackal Hut, I had not been out skiing…  Gears had shifted to some 
first ascent adventures in the local Boulder Canyon.  Seven new routes in the past month!  All of them are visible from the road, with very little approach.  Funny how things can sit there for years, with climbers walking by it all of the time.  Some friends and I have been opening up new routes in the Avalon/Vampire/Black Widow area for the last few years now.  I think we are up to about 40 routes in the area now.  Most are traditional or mixed, and some sport climbs also.  These have not been published yet, so if you want more information contact me.  We are always glad to show new folks!
When the development is complete we will let the cat out of the bag! 

Also over the past month we had some great friends come to town, and stay with us at our home.    It is always great to catch up with folks, and if the weather cooperates, have some adventure time!

We were able to climb in Eldorado Canyon, and also climb the famous 1st Flatiron with our friend Nogah.  She was here all the way from Israel.  Glad the weather was ok!  

If you don't live here…  It is usually pretty dry in these parts.  We get 300+ days of sun per year.  
The weather had been a bit wet, and snowy around that time.

Next our friend Aaron makes an appearance from Washington.  It had been great around here for weather, and the spring snow up high was perfect!  That was until Doc (Aaron) brought the Washington weather with him!  Spring time in the Rockies was no more.  It was blowing hard wind up high, and snowing every day.  Our plan was to go spring skiing and camping up high so we would be in place for some mega ascents.  Ok, so plan B!  Back to Boulder Canyon to work on some more new routing.  Doc had a blast, but we were still hoping to get some skiing in.  Finally by the last leg of his trip the weather improved.  Back up to seasonal temperatures, and sunny skies.  

No corn camping (spring snow that softens up by the sun is called corn snow.)  But it's go time for some day trips.  With the wind still blowing up high, but the sun showing strong, the corn snow appeared for us.  And to our delight, the few clouds and the wind helped keep the snow in pretty good shape for doing a few laps up high at Rollins Pass on the first day out!  Of course the late exit down in the low elevation snow was a slog out through deep slush.  But hey, that's part of the joys of spring skiing in the Rockies!  

Day two we head to Rocky Mountain National Park!  On this mission our objective is the 
Hallway Cooler on the South face of Hallet Peak.  With our abundant snow pack,  
the snow in this rock lined hallway is wider then most years I imagine.  Made for a fabulous ski!

I captured a bunch of footage from these two days out skiing.  Video work will begin soon, but for now…  Here is a feast of photos from local adventures with friends from afar.

Nogah climbs through the cold on the upper pitches of Calypso  on the Wind Tower, Eldorado Canyon.

Tagger 5.9, Eldorado Canyon

Heading up the ultra classic 1st Flatiron!

High over Boulder!

The summit is ours!  Move along…  (Nogah, Karla, Liz, Forest)

Doc (AKA Aaron Miller) drops in the Cool-whip cooler,  Rollins Pass

Perfect spring corn snow!

J1 Maurer sends the Cool-whip

Videoing J1 on the descent.  (Using a flex arm cam mount from Dinkum Systems.)

Get Some!

I had to sacrifice punching the line to be able to get these shots.

But it was worth it!  These are some of my favorites… 

James Peak in the background.


Doc entering the Hallway cooler on the South face of Hallet Peak.  RMNP

El Tedro in a midair jump turn.

LA working the slope


Air Tedro

Doc happy to get more corn before heading home… 

Forrest skiing his first cooler!  Nice work duder!

    Here is a few pictures of me, courtesy of J1Maurer.

Dropping in the Cool-Whip Cooler 
It's not easy to ski with one poll up (camera mounted out towards end) to get that crazy footage

Seems like a good spot to drop in off the Continental Divide!


Smile for the camera! 

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  1. Great photos Cory! Thanks for hosting me at your place. Your hospitality was much appreciated. Who are all those sponsored skiers in your photos?