Sunday, June 8, 2014

A moment in Taiwan

Capitol, Ocean, Climb, Culture, Food, Friends.      In no special order, it was awesome!

From language barriers, and unknown food, to earthquakes, and high rise buildings.
107 year record rains, and high speed trains.

Taipei major city to Fulong Beach small town.   World class climbing routes, and
an awesome ocean setting make the scene for climbing at the Long Dong area.
Traditional and sport routes weave their way up hard sandstone!

Ok countdown!  Here is the latest video, and also all the photos lined up to one song.


A moment in Taiwan Video

A moment in Taiwan Photos


  1. A visual feast! I loved the sneak preview. Big hugs & big love, HardKar

  2. It was nice meeting you Cory! Glad you had a good time out here! :)