Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lake Tahoe California

Lovers Leap, pared with Torpedo.

We were recently blessed to be invited to a wedding party out in the beautiful South Lake Tahoe area of California!
Not only being excited about the wedding party, we knew that the area hosted many world class crags.
One area that really stuck out was the Lovers Leap area, home to the 50 classic of North America called Traveler Buttress —  5.9, and 4 pitches long.  Gotta do that one first up!!

Liz, John, Lauren

Although we are not on a mission to complete all of the 50 classics, it would be cool to have at least half of them done. . .

Trees larger than… Liz!

Below is a photo journey of favorite shots from some of the climbs we did while on our trip.
Pitch 1 of the Traveler Buttress.

50 Classic of North America.

Top of the off width pitch.

Just so fun!

Exposed, and awesome arete pitch up high.

Did I say fun?  I think that was the money pitch!
Crazy rock.

Hospital Corner 5.10

Pitch 1.

Classic pitch 2.

That's my! 

Power Lust 5.11

A lovely 5.10, runout Jay Smith route, Crash Landing!  

Great name, as the first pro is still above my head...

Corrugation Corner.  Ultra classic 5.7 old school.

It was the last climb of the day, and not wanting to return to the base we carried our packs.

Or hung them below us in the mandatory off width section.  :)

Eagle Rock,  Space Truckin 5.10

Liz dispatches the climb onsite!

Starting up the overhanging fingers climb called Space Walk 5.11+
The steep upper wall.  You lower almost 15 feet from the base.

Starting to get pumped.  I ended up flying off near the end.  Oh well..

Liz on an awesome bolted(wow) 5.8 chimney.  Super fun!

Seems to me 5.10+    Got this one done just before the blazing sun hit us hard, forcing retreat!
Donner Pass Snowshed Wall.
Liz on the classic Bottomless Topless 5.10

Starting up Monkey Paws 5.12

Cruxy roof.

Not feeling as good on lead as I did on my onsite top rope...

Bam!  Beatdown on lead..  Something to come back to now!

Monkey Paw photos by: Mark Sachs



Liz & Lauren's folks.

Cheers Lauren!

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